Band Notes

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Kids will be back in school soon and with that we will be returning to Queen Charlotte for first practice. Another year begins for Second Chances Band Tuesday, September 13th.

We will meet half an hour early for registration and a short AGM. Please arrive by 6:30. Once again first term is $50.00.

New members are welcome. If you are unsure then drop by for a test run. Bring your instrument and we'll provide the music.

Repertoire For Final Concert

Here is the repertoire for the concert on May 29'th 2016

Musicians you can go to the repertoire page of the Second Chances to hear the files.

As usual the new music will be passed out at our first rehearsal January 5'th at 6:30 for registration, and receiving music.

Rowan's Pieces:
        Fanfare Ode and Festival ( look in your archives for this one otherwise let us know if you need copies).
        Dance of the Trolls
        The Blue and the Gray (last term)
        Andante Cantabile ( last term)

In the News

Second Chances Band P.E.I. offers adults an opportunity to relive their band-playing youth or to experience an instrument for the first time

The third time may be a charm, but for some musically inclined minds who missed their first band playing opportunity as a teen or want to revisit that earnest era, there’s the Second Chances Band P.E.I.

“It’s a second chance for those who have played before but have given it up and now want to take it up again. And it’s a second chance for those who always wanted to but (didn’t),” says Allie McCrady, who is a co-conductor and band leader for this community band program, along with fellow retired music instructor Rowan Fitzgerald.

Rowan Fitzgerald and Allie McCrady form new group

For many decades, the instrumental music programs of PEI have been producing passionate musicians. While some of these musicians have made music an integral part of their professional careers, many others said good-bye to their music-making upon graduating high school. Last fall, Holland College began a concert band program to help provide a performance opportunity for musicians who may not be pursuing music as a career, but who still love to play. This band performs at a high school level and has been steadily growing in numbers since it’s inception one year ago.


Atlantic Festival of Music

2014 Schedule will be available soon

The beautiful campus of Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is host to the Atlantic Festival of Music, the largest band and choral festival on the East Coast. Each year, approximately 3000 musicians from Canada and the United States perform for and receive adjudication from internationally recognized adjudicators. Evening concerts, instrument specific clinics, workshops and participants' dances are all part of the event.

Live Performances