Band Notes

Reflections: A Christmas Concert

The Second Chances Band invites you to its annual Christmas concert on Sunday, November 26 at the Steele Recital Hall, UPEI.The concert starts at 2:30 pm, and tickets ($5 each) are available at the door, or from a band member.


The theme of the concert–Reflections–reminds us of what brings us together, despite our differences.The band will play pieces inspired by international dance, mythology, hymns, and, of course, the tradition of Christmas.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Kids will be back in school and with that we will soon be returning to Queen Charlotte for first practice.

Back to school apple with books and apple

Please arrive by 6:30 with your registration fee of $50.00.


New members are welcome. If you are unsure then drop by for a test run. Bring your instrument and you can play along.

Don't have an instrument? No worries. We may be able to help. Contact us. Either here or on Facebook.

Do you want to dust off your old instrument and return to playing in a Concert Band?

It's never too late to make music

For those of you with instrument experience Second Chances Community Concert Band is starting the winter semester of our ninth great year of growth and musicianship. Can I mention how fun it is? New members are certainly welcome. Join us on Tuesday, January 9 in the Queen Charlotte Band Room. Registration is at 6:30, practice starts at 7:00.

New members may pay at the end of practice or next week.

Philosophy: The performance of music in an ensemble is an experience which provides enrichment and joy for both the performer and the audience which shares that performance.

Experienced music educators Allie McCrady and Rowan Fitzgerald offer their expertise and guidance in weekly practices held in the Queen Charlotte Intermediate School band room.


In the News

Special Celebrations Across Canada!

As we honour Canada 150, Charlottetown, the birthplace of confederation is getting ready for an “epic” day-long Music Monday celebration – “Music Monday In The Streets”.

There will be clinics, Jazz Improv with Rowan Fitzgerald, artwork created to music, multi-cultural presentations, and showcase performances. A march is planned up Great George Street to Provence House. Throughout the day, you will hear Aboriginal music, rock bands, jazz, folk and choristers.

Second Chances Band P.E.I. offers adults an opportunity to relive their band-playing youth or to experience an instrument for the first time

The third time may be a charm, but for some musically inclined minds who missed their first band playing opportunity as a teen or want to revisit that earnest era, there’s the Second Chances Band P.E.I.

“It’s a second chance for those who have played before but have given it up and now want to take it up again. And it’s a second chance for those who always wanted to but (didn’t),” says Allie McCrady, who is a co-conductor and band leader for this community band program, along with fellow retired music instructor Rowan Fitzgerald.