The Great George Street Brass Band Special Guests for Annual Fall/Winter Concert

We held our annualĀ  fall/winter concert at the Steele Recital Hall on Sunday December 6 at 2:30 pm. Allie and Rowan are both enthusiastic about all of the perfomances presented to the audience.

It was an eclectic mix of styles which challenged the band to prepare the music for this performance. Both directors were most pleaed with the results. The band has matured greatly over the past 7 years. Special thanks goes out to our new band members who provide us with the fresh faces which are so important to our continued growth. Last years beginners are to be commended for haging in there and seeing it through.

The concertĀ  featured the innaugural performance of the Great George Street Brass Band under the direction of Ron Murphy. It was a most successful first concert for this group. It has piqued the interest of some of brass players as a group that they might strive to be part of. It was great to be expossed to this whole new level of musicianship. Thanks again GGSBB we look forward to attending your concerts in the future.