This is our 7 th year of operation

Seven years!There is much that goes on behind the scenes to organize a Community Concert Band. First and foremost we wish to offer Big Thanks to Allie and Rowan for their years of dedication. I'm sure we all agree that it has been a wonderful experience so far!

Looking Ahead
As of our last executive meeting it has become noticable that the membership of our Beginner Band has declined. All of the Beginner Band has moved on to Concert Band. Let's get the word out that this is a great experience, a second chance so to speak. We are actively looking for new beginners for next fall. Can you help us? Refer your friends to the all new Second Chances Community Band Facebook Page

Band Members, you too can help us spread the news by joining or clicking "like".

Let's see if this facebook thing actually works ;)

It looks like we may have two photographers on hand for our blitz. But if you would like to contribute please use the Second Chances Community Band Facebook Page to add to the experience.

After all we are a Community band.

There are many other ways you can become involved


This is our 7 th year of operation. Many of our executive members have served for 7 years and some would like to retire. We need people to let their names stand for the executive.It does not consume too much time but it helps spread the responsibility for administration of the band. Your assistance would be appreciated.
                                                                                                                                                                                    -- Allie

Contact Allie if you are so inclined.

If you have a connection with an instrument rental company. I would like to hear from you. It would be a great offer if we could provide short-term instrument rentals for any potential unsure new-comers.

As an aside. If you don't like Facebook. Let us know. I'm sure there are some of you who would prefer to get in touch another way. You are already here. There is always the Contact Us form on this page.

Please Contact Us

It's never too late to make music ♫