Reflections: A Christmas Concert

The Second Chances Band invites you to its annual Christmas concert on Sunday, November 26 at the Steele Recital Hall, UPEI.The concert starts at 2:30 pm, and tickets ($5 each) are available at the door, or from a band member.


The theme of the concert–Reflections–reminds us of what brings us together, despite our differences.The band will play pieces inspired by international dance, mythology, hymns, and, of course, the tradition of Christmas.

Please help us ring in the season with good music and community fellowship!


Your attendance is an important way of supporting local musicians. And if you've ever been curious about playing an instrument, or wondered about that trumpet you've got stored in the attic, you'll see that in our band, everyone gets a "Second Chance." Come to our concert. Talk to our conductors. It could be the best Christmas present you ever gave yourself!