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Reasons to Join a Band or Orchestra

Did you know?

Playing music...

  • Makes You Smarter. Scientific research has proven that musical training builds intellectual skills, raises IQs, increases spatial-temporal intelligence, improves memory, and develops creativity.
  • Relieves Stress.  Music helps calm the mind.  It's been shown that music students experience less test- and performance-anxiety than students who don't study music.  And according to studies, college-age musicians are emotionally healthier than non-musicians.

Do you want to dust off your old instrument and return to playing in a Concert Band?

It's never too late to make music

For those of you with instrument experience Second Chances Community Concert Band is starting the fall semester of our tenth great year of growth and musicianship. Can I mention how fun it is? New members are certainly welcome. Join us on Tuesday, September 11th in the Queen Charlotte Band Room. Registration is at 6:30, practice starts at 7:00.

New members may test us out for a night before deciding to join. Bring your instrument. Sit where ever you feel comfortable but you will have to look on for music if we don't know you are coming. So. Drop us a line. Get in touch!

What do you play? Or maybe yet, what do you want to play?

We are not providing absolute beginner instruction any more, but we trust you know your capabilites in picking up a new instrument.  Just do it!!!

Philosophy: The performance of music in an ensemble is an experience which provides enrichment and joy for both the performer and the audience which shares that performance.

Experienced music educators Allie McCrady and Rowan Fitzgerald offer their expertise and guidance in weekly practices held in the Queen Charlotte Intermediate School band room.


In the News

Second Chances Band P.E.I. offers adults an opportunity to relive their band-playing youth or to experience an instrument for the first time

The third time may be a charm, but for some musically inclined minds who missed their first band playing opportunity as a teen or want to revisit that earnest era, there’s the Second Chances Band P.E.I.

“It’s a second chance for those who have played before but have given it up and now want to take it up again. And it’s a second chance for those who always wanted to but (didn’t),” says Allie McCrady, who is a co-conductor and band leader for this community band program, along with fellow retired music instructor Rowan Fitzgerald.