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Interactive Piano Reference to All Major & Minor Scales

A magical collection of interactive music theory tools & visual reference pages to learn music online for free

Here's a visual & interactive chart/reference for all the major and natural minor scales, their notes/pitches, layout on the piano keyboard, chords in the key of, and their relative minor or major. Use the banner at the bottom to jump to the different major or minor scales.

Favourite SCB Pieces - Song One (1)

One year ago some of us were preparing for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Pamplona Spain. Here we are, still in the first half of 2020 and wondering what normal used to feel like!?!

One of my favourite tunes to play for Pamplona was one that we have enjoyed together as well. On this rainy, it may snow again, evening in May let's sit back and enjoy Cathedral Grove. I just did, and you know what! I can't wait until we can all get back together!

Miss you --


Can you slow the music down just a tad?

Yes we can slow it down! While you are learning to play a piece of music with your Youtube backup band you can adjust the playback speed to slow, slower and slowest.

For the music that plays from a YouTube Video look at the bottom bar of the YouTube display screen. There is a place for you to play and stop. There is also a volume and time remaining display. Move over to the right, and see that? There is also a Settings cog.

Reasons to Join a Band or Orchestra

Did you know?

Playing music...

  • Makes You Smarter. Scientific research has proven that musical training builds intellectual skills, raises IQs, increases spatial-temporal intelligence, improves memory, and develops creativity.
  • Relieves Stress.  Music helps calm the mind.  It's been shown that music students experience less test- and performance-anxiety than students who don't study music.  And according to studies, college-age musicians are emotionally healthier than non-musicians.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Kids will be back in school and with that we will soon be returning to Queen Charlotte for first practice on Tuesday, September 11th.

Please arrive by 6:30 with your registration fee of $50.00.


New members are welcome. If you are unsure then drop by for a test run. Bring your instrument and you can play along.

Don't have an instrument? No worries. We may be able to help. Contact us. Either here or on Facebook.

Second Chances Band Stories

"Second Chances Band gave me my first chance to turn my interest in percussion into a reality and I now thoroughly enjoy being challenged and having a blast making music as part of a concert band.  Anyone wanting a first, second or third chance to play in a concert band, check us out!"   -- Pam Campbell, Percussionist

New music available!

You don't always know through a first read what is going to be your favourite piece. I don't know about you but I like the background info that Allie and Rowan give on any particular piece. I like thinking that "The Red Covered Bridge" is kind of like "Bridges of Madison County".
I remember liking that movie, and it was a comfortable sort of like.

Now that we're actually playing this piece I struggle to recall. What happened? Oh yes. The visitor from National Geographic.
I never been in Madison County Iowa. But I can imagine a "Red Covered Bridge".