About Us

Second Chances Band

Philosophy: The performance of music in an ensemble is an experience which provides enrichment and joy for both the performer and the audience which shares that performance.


Second Chances Band will provide opportunity to:

  1. acquire the skills necessary to participate in a concert band ensemble,
  2. rehearse and perform in an ensemble that allows the participants to feel that they are an contributing and integral part of the ensemble,
  3. rehearse and perform music that is appropriate to the skills of the performers,


  1. We provide a beginner program, when sufficient demand exists for aspiring musicians to acquire the necessary skills to participate in a concert band setting.
  2. The beginner program involves a weekly cost of $15 per week for the first 5 weeks and $25 for the last five weeks of the first term. After that it is $50 per term.
  3. We provide an intermediate level band which allows the participants to acquire the technical and rehearsal skills necessary to participate in the Concert Band.
  4. We provide a Concert Band which provides experienced adult musicians musically rewarding and challenging opportunities, through weekly rehearsals.


This program is funded through membership fees which are to cover the costs of instructors, purchase of music, equipment purchase and the rental of practice and performance space. At present these costs are $50 per term. Fees are to be paid by the end of the second practice per term. The fees are non refundable.
If a practice is cancelled due to bad weather it will not made up.