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Do you have questions about how to make your clarinet playing easier? Michelle Anderson ( and Debbie Andrus ( present you with several of their favourite clarinet pointers. Topics include embouchure, reeds, high notes, mouthpieces, tonguing, barrels and bells, and more!


This video by Michelle Anderson, founder of Clarinet Mentors ( gives newcomers to the YouTube channel a description of some of the various common clarinet-playing frustrations that can be improved with the clarinet lessons that are available here. The Clarinet Mentors channel is designed to help you play the clarinet more easily and beautifully.

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Reed selection is a personal experience. These charts may help you compare the strengths of your favourite reeds that you use and maybe some that you would like to try.

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Today’s band resource (band aid?) is for the discriminating flutist: a handy overview of trills, complete with fingering chart! And once you’ve got those devilish little trills under control, be sure to check out the “New Score a Day” feature, which can help improve those sight-reading skills. But the trill chart … here you go!